Sunday, 23 February 2014

My low carbohydrate high fat experiment.

I have lately been reading a lot about low carb and high fat eating. In particular Professor Tim Noakes' take on the whole concept. It makes credible reading. Apparently several of the Aussie cricketers have adopted the principals and I personally think that has contributed to the thrashing they served us in the Ashes. So I am about to try it out for myself.

I have been fat, nay, OBESE, for most of my adult life. I have successfully lost several stones on more than one occasion, usually with weight watchers.  But I have never successfully maintained the loss once the diet has stopped. In the last 27 years I have yo-yo'd from 11 stones 13 lbs at my lightest to 20 stones 8 and a half lbs at my heaviest. 

This is me now at almost 49 years old. 
5 feet 7 inches tall. 
18 stones 3 lb. 
Vital statistics, are you ready for this?....
54/48/55 (bust/waist/hips in inches)
If you knock 20 inches off each I could be in the Miss World pageant!
My legs and buttocks are not fat per se, but I have an abdomen the size of a small ocean and an amount of back fat that would be positively alluring if I was a Minke whale in season!

I am beginning to feel the come hither of potential diabetes and worn out hip joints. And as I approach my half century over the next year, I want to give them the two fingers and walk in the opposite direction towards improved health and vitality. 

Here's the plan....
- eliminate as much carbohydrate as I comfortably can from my diet.
- eat fresh whole foods, i.e. vegetables, all kinds of meat protein including offal bought from my butcher, oily fish out of tins (very cheap) eggs, real butter, cheese (full fat), Greek yoghurt (full fat), coconut oil, olives, almonds and Brazil nuts. 
- fruit will be limited to berries (probably frozen as cheaper in the winter) 
- double cream for in coffee. 

That's about it, apart from what I anticipate to be the hardest part of all, giving up the grog! As those of you who know me will know my penchant for a drop of vintage cider, followed by late night foraging for fodder!!

I plan to weigh myself weekly on a Monday at work on calibrated NHS scales. So wish me luck. I can do this. 

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  1. good luck and I'll keep popping by to see how you are doing. I weighed myself last week and wish I hadn't