Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My low carb high fat experiment update.

Well, it's the end of my first week and I have lost 4lbs. I am now a mere 17stone 13 lbs. (sounds better than 18 stone something don't you think?)
It could have been better but I fell off the wagon big style at the weekend and consumed a whole flagon of Henry Weston's Old Rosie vintage cider (the stuff dreams are made of.) As well as some home made carrot cake and oaty biscuits, a Belgian bun and a double decker. So all in all 4lbs is a pretty damn good result. 
Anyhow, here are my findings of the experience:
- I wasn't hungry at all on the days I followed the plan
- I slept better 
- I didn't crave any foods at all
- I didn't burp once and trumped a lot less (huge bonus)
- I was generally satisfied with everything I ate
- I didn't feel deprived at all (a first for me when on a "diet")
- but the biggest surprise of all for me was a dramatic reduction in catarrh which has plagued me all my life. 
- I did miss the 1 spoon of sugar I take in tea so mainly did without tea. I will tackle it by gradual reduction I think. 

All in all a pretty amazing experience. Took my boys for haircuts tonight and got onto the subject in the barbers. A fat undertaker waiting for his haircut was very interested and shook my hand as I left. There is going to be a revolution I think. Onwards and upwards. 

Tomorrow is the start of Lent and I am attempting no alcohol for 6 weeks. Can't believe I just said that! So on with the sackcloth and ashes. 

Thank you to the girls who commented. It is great to have some encouragement. 

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