Wednesday, 20 April 2011

21 Again!

.......yesterday. Shared delicious home baked (by 13yr old) cake with lots of kids.
Enjoyed the sunshine taking a long walk with David..

We are lucky to live in a beautiful valley with some fabulous views.

And it's such a joy to be part of a great big family where you can share the children out. This is my eldest (soon to be 18) with my sisters youngest, (4 months.)


  1. So great to see you back! Your family looks lovely, you are indeed very lucky. Its great when you read your own blog archives - I have totally forgotten some of the things I had done! (ITS MY AGE!)xxxx

  2. Many happy returns! Very glad to see you back in Blogland - I also love looking back and being able to see the repeating patterns in my own life, which start to be obvious once your blog archives build up. x