Friday, 15 April 2011


It's been a long time I know...but I was rereading my blog recently and thought, "what a good archive/diary for my family, even if nobody else ever reads it."
 I did get a bit sucked in to the whole reading of other blogs and then commenting because I was keen to see comments on my own and then before you know it, it can become a bit obsessive and extremely time consuming.
So here I am again and I am going to use this space as a place for documenting our goings on as a family and reminiscing from time to time. If there are any interested parties out there, you are very welcome to join us.

This is me and David after his graduation ceremony last weekend in Harrogate. He has just finished his M.Ed with Open University. It was hard work for him but well worth the effort. Aren't we quite the handsome couple?
 And here he is with the children...

Aren't we lucky??


  1. I had wondered where you'd got too.

    Well done to your o/h on graduating :)

  2. Welcome back. I know what you mean about reading blogs and leaving comments. I've limited myself to my favourite small group so I don't loose myself. Great to hear from you and lovely photos of you and your family + well done David on his graduation. Amanda x