Monday, 11 January 2010


When I was approx 14 years old, there was a season of Beatles films on TV. I watched them all and became obsessed. My room was plastered with posters and I played their records all the time.
My 16 year old eldest daughter has also discovered them and now I am often taken back to my teens when I hear her playing the CDs.
This morning I was delighted when Chris Evans played "All you need is love" (one of my favourites) as the opening track on his 1st radio 2 breakfast show.

Here is a pic today of me (on the left) and my good friend Pat at work. She was mocking me last week when I said I was starting a blog. But when she saw it today she wants some of her friends to read it too! She is such a good laugh at work and a great colleague too.

I have dutifully fed my sourdough starter today and it is bubbling away nicely. Can't wait to bake it.

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  1. what a lovely photo... you look like great friends... and thanks for the scone recipe ... you are making me feel rather hungry x