Tuesday, 12 January 2010


As I am joining a diet club tonight for the nth time, I thought I had better bake and eat something first, the condemned mans last meal so to speak!

So here are my version of scones, adapted from my Mums recipe when we were kids

The Recipe

1 lb self raising flour (I use tescos own organic)
4 oz soft marg or butter (I use stork)
4 oz caster sugar
4 oz plump raisins (I use lazy Jacks organic)
2 medium eggs
90 mls milk (approx)

Rub the fat into the flour (I do it by hand only because I dont have a food processor/kitchen aid thingy) till it resembles fine bread crumbs.
Add the sugar and fruit.
Beat eggs add milk to eggs then pour into well in middle of dry ingredients reserving a drop (2 tablespoons?) for basting the top.
Use a fork to bring it all together to a soft dough. It shouldn't be too sticky nor too dry.
Plop it onto a lightly floured surface and pat into a rough circle approx 8 inches diameter and 1 and a half inches deep, there is no need for a rolling pin.
Use 2 and a half inch diameter cutter to cut the scones, they should be 1 and 1/2 inches deep.
If you get more than 10 you have not cut them deep enough.
Put on lined baking tray allowing a little space for expansion, brush tops with reserved egg and milk.

Gas mark 4 or 180-200 degrees centigrade depending on whether you have fan oven or not. Cook for 13-18 minutes depending on your oven. (At my last house I did 13 mins at 185 degrees but this oven takes 18mins at 200! I assume you know your own oven.)

Allow to cool and voila................

Enjoy with a cup of tea, your favourite jam and if you're feeling really decadent, a little clotted cream. Yum!

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  1. Hi Ma Larkin, I think yours is an excellent blog, and I will follow it with interest. By the way your colleague Pat looks like one of the loose women on TV! I think she is called June Whitfield! May have the wrong name. Your blog potrays you as an 'earth mother', and a very talented one at that!! x x