Saturday, 9 January 2010


Snow, snow and more snow. We are just about fed up with it all now despite the beauty. It was -13 degrees on Tuesday morning when I was trudging my paper round at 6.15am. Still, the children are enjoying it, especially with the schools all closed.

Having some fun at the table...

The view from my bedroom window at sunset...

Dearly beloved admiring same view....

This is our outdoor crib made from bits of old calf hurdles from my Dads farm, (complete with a bit of crusty manure in places, very authentic) and figures made from chicken wire covered in scrap fabrics. We think the snow really made it look good this year and we had lots of comments from passersby, (it is under our front window.) I took this photo of it on the 6th Jan.

Anyway its all back to school on Monday, with 1st lot of AS modular exams for our eldest. I do miss them when they all go back. It's lovely having them at home and the snow has been a bonus bringing almost an extra week at home.

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