Sunday, 21 February 2010

Luscious Lemon cake and Lovely knitting

Today we made this delicious lemon cake from one of Sam Stern's books.

It is lovely and moist and very moorish! (Sp?) It won't last long here.

We woke up to more snow here today. This is the view when I open my curtains....

So what else is there to do but spend some of the day knitting.

My youngest daughter is a novice but enthusiatic knitter and yesterday I cast on this scarf for her and she has diligently got on with it.

It's funny how some get the crafting bug and others don't. I have shown all three of my girls the basics of knitting but she alone has really taken to it. My own mum was a basic sewer, self taught I think. She also always baked. I am the eldest of seven and Mum was just too busy to sit down and actually teach her skills. However, me and my four sisters all bake so we must have osmotically learned so to speak.

I learned to knit from both of my Grandma's one taught me knit stitch and the other purl (incidentally she was a chronic schizophrenic who spent 33 years in a mental institution before living with us, and she never forgot how to knit. My mum said she remembered her being a beautiful knitter before she was incarcerated.)

Any how, the knit stitch grandma (Dad's mum) gave me a ball of unravelled wool approx the size of a football. I knitted my first garment, a purple scarf and it was huuuuge. It was full of holes, I must have been about 9 or 10 at the time. I loved that scarf. Once when walking home from school in the fog I wrapped it around 3 of my sibling's necks as well as my own in a line like a chain gang so I wouldn't lose anybody. So you can imagine how long it was. I wish I still had that scarf!
 So this scarf of daughters reminded me of mine all those years ago.

I hope you had a crafty day whatever you did too.

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