Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Morning Mist

It's a lovely crispy frosty misty morning here with the promise of sun to come. Shame I have to go to work later.

Here are the girls enjoying their breakfast.

Here is my 9 yr old girl also enjoying her breakfast at the foot of my bed.

Yesterday we enjoyed pancakes at my Dad's. We met up with four of my siblings and our fourteen children. It was noisy! I forgot my camera but here is a pic of some of the same clan enjoying a day on the riverbank in Clitheroe last summer.

Our pancakes were sublime. They were from Jane Brockets Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer cookbook. If you are not keen on pancakes I recommend you try this recipe as it is really good and will convert you.
Being the beginning of lent I had decided to forgo alcohol and bread for the season. However, this morning the sight of my newly made marmalade begging for a slice of wholemeal toast has made me relent. Mr. W. Power has deserted me on day 1. I will  have to try to be more resolute regarding the grog!

Did you know that Shrove Tuesday was the day, regardless of the date, that lacemakers blew out their candles for working with until the 3rd of September, Nutting day. This was to reduce cost. During the winter lacemakers would work together to share candlelight with the older more experienced sitting nearest the light and the youngest with better eyesight and lesser skills at the back.

Lacemakers' Rhyme
Be Shrovetide High or Low
Out the candle we will blow

Hope you enjoyed your Pancake Day, however you spent it.


  1. Hello Big Sis
    I finally found your blog and I'm very impressed. I loved the story about your knitted
    scalf I can remember us all walking home from school together.
    Your photography skills are excellent too, the photo of us all at Clithoroe is lovely. I don't know where you find the time to put all these things together.
    I hope you have a well earned rest tomorrow on your horticultural day trip to Harrogate.
    Bye for now
    Middle Sis

  2. Hi Clare
    It was fun spending time with you at the RHS garden at Harlow Carr yesterday, wonderful to talk to another plant/veg grower (look forward to reading about it on your blog)
    Thanks for pointing me to your blog...loved it!!