Saturday, 27 February 2010

Vintage linen, charity shop china and cake. Oh..and more marmalade.

Today I had a trot round my very small but very local market. Imagine my delight upon finding not one but two hand embroidered linen tablecloths for the tea table.

They were just crying out for tea and of course cake. Here is the other..


with the obligatory victoria sandwich cake and a view of my cancer research shop 6 setting tea service complete with side plates and bread and butter plate in mint condition.(Phew, take a breath girl)
The two cloths cost a total of £4.50, yes £4.50. I thought I was seeing things. And the tea set a mere fiver.What a lucky girl I am!

Oh... and I had several very complimentary comments about my marmalade (in fact one person gobbled the jar in less than a fortnight.) So much so, how could I resist these seville oranges available today at only 70p per kilo?

I now have merely to brace myself for the skinning and finely slicing of 2 kilos of the blessed things!

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  1. Hi! I only just came across your blog, I had to comment on your charity shop bargains even though it was waaaaay back in February! The taqblecloths are gorgeous and it looks like a lovely tea time spread! x