Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

In medieval times this was the day folks visited the "mother" church of their diocese. It wasn't till mid 17th century that it became a day for honouring human mothers. Lady Day on 25th March celebrates the mother of God and so they all become intertwined. Those in service were given the day off half way through Lent to go and visit their mums. It was also a brief respite from the fasting and abstinence of the season with an excuse for a good feed. Traditionally, bunches of wild flowers like violets or primroses were taken home along with simnel cake.

I didn't bake a simnel cake today but I did go to church. My own mum who died 2 years ago didn't like us to make a fuss and was always delighted with the school made cards. Here is my breakfast tray with 3 lovely homemade cards and daffs in a jamjar.

And here is a bit of bling made by my 3 year old at nursery school. Everybody elses were full of big bright beads, his teacher said mine was minimalist and colour co-ordinated too! My boy does love the colour orange.

My Dad came for tea and brought a hot cooked rib of beef with him so all I had to do was the veg. And I had a great day planting strawberries, a new climbing rose "compassion" and having a general old mooch about in the garden. It was good. Hope you all had a nice Mothering Sunday too.


  1. I love to receive home made cards and can never bare to part with them, I have a bundle in the loft. It sounds like you had a lovely mother's day.

  2. That sounds like such a nice day! Planting and homemade cards! The bracelet is very cute, you may have a future jewellery deigner on your hands! x

  3. I love the home-made card, it suddenly reminded me of when I was a child.

    Your little bit of bling is gorgeous too.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely day - I love the orange bracelet - he's obviously given it some thought, and so special that he's chosen his favourite colour for you rather then following the crowd. Thankyou for your comments about the allotment - I think I will keep it - just found it hard to keep on top of last year. Hope you're having a good week - xxx

  5. Hi my very dear friend,
    The bangle made by Rufus is really good. Nice that he could colour co-ordinate like that.
    You are doing a great job with your blog - very interesting! x x x