Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring into Action

The first day of spring or thereabouts and I'm hoping to be galvanised into action.
This is my first finished knitted item of the year I think??  Shameful that it's mid-March already and I've only managed one thing so far.I have too many on the go I am afraid. It is for a new baby of a work colleague. I am pleased with it and it's nice and soft but the lovely cable on the arms is a bit hidden by the flecky nature of the yarn. It is being modelled by the very dapper Wilf.

This is my dearly beloved dressed as Mark Spitz, 7 times gold medal winner, for sport relief on Friday. He is a teacher in a high school and he wore the swimming cap all day. He didn't wear speedo's on the bottom half, just in case you were wondering!


  1. Love your knitted cardigan for Teddy, very lovely indeed. xxx

  2. I like the way the blue cardigan turned out - looks lovely and soft for a newborn, I like the effect of the flecks.

  3. The cardigan is lovely - and I love the photo of your husband - made me smile - xxx