Saturday, 15 May 2010

Baking, Bernina and Brass.

Saturday mornings have a bit of a ritual around here.
I get up very early and do two paper rounds which is pleasant when the sun is shining.
After breakfast dearly beloved and 7 year old son depart for sons practice at Scout Band. He is new to it and learning the basics on his B flat cornet.
Meanwhile me and the three girls get down to a bit of necessary housework...

Imagine my delight when dearly beloved returns a little while later sporting....

a bloody B flat horn under his arm of which he now the proud keeper!

"It's only so I can help him practice" he says...a likely story.
And the youngest girl has thrown down the gauntlet, " Dad, I bet you can't play the theme tune to Rocky." 
And he says, "You and your sister can come along too if you like!"

Moving swiftly on, after piano lessons and all laundry duties are finished

I felt at a loose end with lots of things I should/could have been doing but didn't feel like.
It is too cold for gardening here today so nothing else for it. I had to bake a cake...

It's becoming a bit of a habit I'm afraid.

Oh, and a few scones too...

with a little help from my friend.

I've had a jaunt to the library returning five of my thirty books and bringing home six more despite my vow to finish reading the ones I have before loaning any others.

I couldn't resist a pop into my local cancer research shop where I picked up (amongst other things) this lovely little jug for £1.50, which I am of course going to need when my garden is in full flower in a few months I hope!

And to round off the afternoon I have done a bit of patching and mending for my Dad. I inherited my Mums machine when she died two years ago. He bought it for her in 1966 and it cost £40 then brand new, a small fortune. It is a Swiss machine I think and therefore brilliant. It is basic but ultra reliable and Mum made lots of our clothes on it when we were all little. We had matching swimming costumes and trunks for the boys in very retro blue spotty fabric I seem to remember.

That's all for now folks.
(P.S. I can hear the beginnings of Rocky from the kitchen. Thank God the neighbours are away for the weekend!)


  1. You will LOVE the Adriana Triagiani books - Lucia Lucia is fab - a book about women sewing frocks!! and her "Big Stone Gap " Trilogy is wonderful. I heard they were making a film from one of her books but never saw it out. Love your Saturday morning - so glad I found you. xx

  2. You can never have just one brass player in the family ;)

    MrVV plays a B flat bass (think its b flat) and little son plays a baritone :)

  3. I will love Adriana books, I keep the whole set and re-read them! And that cake....ooohhhhh!
    enjoy the rest of the weekend x

  4. My dad used to play the E flat bass in a brass band when I was little. The sound was regularly heard in our house. I love your little vase, just the job for the cut flowers from the garden.

  5. Your Saturday sounds perfect, such a wonderful way to spend the day. :) xx

  6. Hi - what a lovely post - I can't believe you managed to get all those books - I really could save so much money, if I used the library - I love seeing the cakes you make - they look straight out of a book!
    The sewing machine looks great... how lovely to have the one that belonged to your mum - and such a good one! My dad was a jazz musician, so there was always plenty of music practise going on in our house.

    Many thanks for your advice on the chickens - I am so tempted...but I'm afraid the dogs might start barking at them...maybe when I'm up and running with the allotment, I might have some there....

    Wishing you a good week