Sunday, 9 May 2010

Weekend Catch Up

My little flock saw a gap in the fence and made a bid for freedom.....

Oh the lure of a neighbouring dandelion leaf. They love em.
For those who don't keep hens, they very quickly turn a patch of green into bare earth (which they love scratting around in by the way) but they do love a nibble of a bit of greenery. Especially newly planted veg seedlings! We give them greens to eat as well as household scraps and layers pellets of course. But they are in 7th heaven in a patch like this which is my neighbours end of the garden composting/garden rubbish area. I think I may fence a bit of their own patch off and sow a fast growing green manure type plant to give them a bit of a change.

My 9 year old girl cub (much more fun than Brownies) has done her chefs badge. Three of them went to "The Warren" cub/scout HQ and prepared a lovely roast dinner for their families with delicious stuffing cooked from scratch as well as a choice of three sweets. It was great.

Inspired by Alys Fowler's Edible Garden we have planted some salad amongst our flower/shrub beds.

Not a very good photo I'm afraid but you get the idea.

And finally a lovely  lemon cake for tea, reluctantly made by my 12 year old...

but she was glad she made the effort later when she was eating it. Wouldn't have her picture taken though.

Hope your weekend was good too.


  1. Hmmmmmmm that CAKE!!!!

    What little Madams eh?! Mine have, today ,enjoyed left over Sunday lunch, toast and jam crusts, the dried up end off the block of cheese and my new little plants that we planted only 2 days ago! And I wonder why they don't lay.....the fatties! LOL


  2. I agree Cubs is far more fun than Brownies. Friends who have girls tell me what they aren't allowed to do whereas my boys have had so much fun with beavers/cubs/scouts & now explorers.

    Scrummy looking cake :)

  3. Sounds like you have some talented daughters. I bet the roast dinner went down a treat, and that cake looks delicious.

  4. Ooh I'm coming round for tea....get kettle on hun!
    Karen x x x

  5. That cake made my mouth water! Was it as gorgeous as it looks? love, Amanda xxxx

  6. Just found your fabulous blog - I love your outlook on life! Great to meet another "northerner" xx

  7. Love your little flock great escapologists!!
    Congratulations Miss cub cook!! she has done a fabulous job. I have just bought Alys Fowlers Book "The Edible Garden" its great even though my sister got it for half the price I paid.ahhh! The cake baked by your 12 year old looks beautiful and I bet it tasted good too.
    Thanks for another great blog have a great week.

  8. Your cakes always looks so delicious -

    I wonder if I could ask your opinion on my garden - it is very small, and I have lost all the grass because of the two boxers - it sounds like this might be just the right place for chickens - I'm just wondering if it would work with dogs around.

    Love the photo of your chickens - and you must be so proud of your daughters -

    Hope you're having a great week - xxx

  9. That cake looks amazing!! Your girls are like mine ... great escape artists! I'm constantly running around the garden after one, if not three of them :o)
    Thanks for your lovely comments on the deck chair. I've had a few emails asking the same ... the cover isn't removable. I simply nailed it in place with upholstery tacks as the previous piece of canvas was also nailed on. I did think of doing it removable but couldn't work out how to attach it without it inevitably coming apart and the person sitting in it falling to the ground - ouch!! WIll have to go to the shops and check some out for future reference :o)

  10. The cake looks delicious, your daughter must be an excellent cook. xxx