Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Baskets First Outing

There was sunshine, it was someones 10th birthday, the basket (hereafter referred to as Bertha) was crying out for an airing, how could we resist?

So after a birthday treat of roller skating...


it was off to our favourite picnic spot of  Eddisford Bridge near Clitheroe..
There was feasting,

and fishing..

and swimming...

 and lots of posing on the lovely river bank...

And to round it off,

 cake of course.


  1. What a lucky little girl - that looks like a perfect birthday treat :)

  2. Happy Birtday:0) looks like a fantastic way to spend a birthday.

  3. Happy birthday to the 10 year old, double figures now. How lucky that the weather was so nice on her birthday, the picnic looks like a super way to spend a birthday, and that cake looks delicious.

  4. Happy birthday :)
    What a lovely weekend, you certainly had the weather for it. :) xxx

  5. I've left you a challenge on my blog, I hope you'll accept it.

  6. Hi - what a lovely birthday - and another gorgeous cake!

    Hope you're having a good week


  7. What a lovely birthday - the river looks great fun. The only place I have ever been around your waqy is Blackpool - we used to go every year when i was little - I had lovely memories of it - Golden sands, Donkey rides, Cilla Black and Jimmy Clitheroe at the end of the Pier. Then we went last year for a day - its gone downhill! I really must make an effort to get over your neck of the woods, its so very different to this side (the right side!) of the Peninnes. Cake looks truly scrumptious. xxxx

  8. What a gorgeous post! Thank you for your lovely comments. I'm really rubbish at answering but i really do love hearing from you! Good luck in the give away. Lots of love, Amanda xxx