Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hope for the Future.

Although it was the end of Christmas on Friday, the Epiphany, the catholic church in the UK (unlike the rest of the world apparently) celebrates it on the nearest Sunday, which means today. Another excuse for delaying the diet till tomorrow then!
Our priest gave a very succinct and short (for him) sermon. (As an ardent Manchester City fan he was off to see the F.A. cup tie against Man Utd.)
However, it was very uplifting. He talked about going to see a poorly parishioner during the week and it was a grim, grey, damp, dark and drizzly day. As he drove away from her house, there was a very brief break in the clouds with a glimpse of clear blue sunlit sky. He said it made him feel happy and hopeful.
He likened it to the three wise men making a long and arduous journey, not knowing what they would find at the end but hopeful. And their hope being rewarded when they gazed upon the divine child. Then they made their long and weary way back home, back to everyday life but uplifted by what they had seen.
That is how I feel today, uplifted and hopeful for the future, better able to carry on with the humdrum normality of daily life.
I am not overtly religious, indeed people who are full on about Jesus scare me a little but I do have faith and am a practising RC and not afraid to say so.
My own parish is a good community with strong links between church and school. Our church is a beautiful place,

and I have enjoyed going there over the holiday period. It has been a place of peace and sanctuary and I have been able to ponder, pray and give thanks in a perfect setting. I only wish now I had taken some photos of the interior whilst it was attired for Christmas.
I hope the priest was as uplifted as me because unfortunately Man City were beaten!

On to other things, I have completed my first  knitted project of the year.....

.. a chunky scarf in King Cole that was in a bag of yarn given to me.

Eldest daughter is very pleased with it.
So I am tentatively dipping my toe into the a make a month 2012 pledge. (see side bar.)
Wish me luck.

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