Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Monthly Make progress.

As you may have seen on my side bar, I have committed to the monthly make for 2012 project hosted by the felt fairy, well here is my progress on my second project intended for a one year old niece......

...actually, I am quite well on with this as I did start it before Christmas. I hope that still counts. And I am not sure if I finish it in January, will it count for my Feb project?? Do you think I am cheating? Either way, it is certainly giving me a shove in the direction of a greater turnout of  handmades so it's all good.

The pattern book is kids in cotton by Sirdar which I bought approx thirteen to fifteen years ago. I have certainly knitted this cardi before for both my own now eleven year old as a baby and one of my sisters too. I also knitted a couple of other things for my oldest girl now eighteen, then approx age four, including the one on the cover if you have clicked on the link. Furthermore, that particular one was handed down and has been worn by her younger sister, now fourteen, and at least two other nieces and is waiting in the wings for youngest niece(currently 12 months)'s that for thrift? It is a great booklet as the patterns are not in the least dated.
I am knitting it in some stash Wendy baby cotton purchased before I was married (that's twenty years) from an old fashioned haberdasher who was closing down. A true vintage piece, wouldn't you agree?


  1. How I wish I could knit. It will be lovely and vintage... yes.

  2. Hurray! Thank you for joining the Monthly Make for 2012. I am really looking forward to seeing what you make! I am going to try very hard this year and really hope that we can support one another! If you do a post about your make then please pop by and leave me a comment so that I can come over and see it! Love Annie x ♥♥♥