Friday, 27 January 2012

Teresa Mary R.I.P.

Today is the 4th anniversary of my mums death.

She was a mother of seven, district nurse, farmers wife and formidable character.
She could frighten a police horse!
My husband has just told me that our dentist told him, she put the fear of God in him the first time he met her, but he grew to really like, appreciate and respect her.
She was the most compassionate person you could ever wish to meet. Her concern for the disadvantaged, suffering or just generally down-at-heel, in everyday life encounters as well as in the news, was genuine. Her  selfless charity , care and going out of her way to help others would astound us if we knew the true depth of it. As it is, we had first hand reports from countless people we didn't even know on the occasion of her death.

Underpinning all her good works was her profound and unshakable faith. Those two qualities of faith and compassion made her the woman she was and moulded us, her seven children, into the people we have become. Sometimes I stop mid-sentence and think, "I sound just like my mother."  At one time that  thought would have horrified me, but now I'm rather proud of it.

I only hope I turn out to be half the woman she was.

God Bless you Mum.
We  love and miss you every day.


  1. hello my love
    i can understand you missing your mum, she sounds like a true diamond. i come from a large catholic family too, have just read through all your posts! gosh, you really are a ma larkin! :) your blog is very much my cup of tea, therefore i am now a follower. i have a blog too, but it's a bit sad at the moment, life has been tough these past few months and so i am not posting right now but i hope to get back to it sometime in the future. meanwhile i will keep reading blogs such as this, the ones that bring a smile to my face :)

    warmest hugs xxx


  2. what a wonderful post. what a fabulous women