Saturday, 18 February 2012

More Knitting

 A stripy balaclava for little sis to keep ears warm when mucking out.

It is a revamped WW1 pattern found on ravelry knitted in stash debblie bliss cashmerino DK.

These are some of the critters...

and the rest of the knitting....

.... on a startled looking just awoken baby. (Actually she is 13 months old but as the youngest of our collective 20 children will probably always be thought of as the baby of the family.)
The sleeves are a little long, but as it is a cotton spring/summer cardi, will probably fit her perfectly at the appropriate time.
This week has been half term here. I do love the school hols and the break from the routine, particularly not having to make half a dozen packed lunches every morning. And this week I have reflected on the joys of being part of a large family, as there has been sharing out of the children at various sleep overs and shared outings, to the cinema to see Warhorse and Puss in Boots, and the Imperial War Museum. As well as just getting together to gossip, drink tea (or hot chocolate) and eat cake.

This pair of cousins are particularly pally at the moment...

and the one on the right (mine) actually knitted the scarf she is wearing herself. It is in big wool fusion from Rowan and cost £1 per ball in a sale!

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