Sunday, 26 February 2012

This Baby.... smiling, blonde, blue eyed boy, is now a handsome 9 year old.

Where did that time go?

When I was pregnant, with three girls already, I was hoping for a fourth. I could not imagine having a boy. Well, we had an abundance of girl toys and girl clothes. We were well versed in girl habits and likes and dislikes. We were well and truly in girl mode.

So when he was actually born, I was overwhelmed with the force of my feelings about him. I wrote in my diary at the time that "he is an undemanding happy baby. I am consumed with a passion for him. I am intoxicated by the aroma of his skin. I want to envelop him, drink him into myself so as to hold these moments forever. I am blissfully happy."

And now he is a quiet, gentle boy, with a  wonderful sense of humour.

Gabriel, my own sweet angel.

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