Friday, 3 February 2012

Feast of St Blaise

Today is the feast of St. Blaise, a 4th century Armenian ( I think) bishop and martyr for his faith.
He is the patron of afflictions of the throat and my father, being afflicted with sore throats, promptly named one of my brothers Blaise!

If you attend Holy Mass in a catholic church today you should be given the blessing of St Blaise by the priest with crossed candles held at your throat. I went, and was duly blessed.
I am rather proud of my brother Blaise. He is a very successful dairy farmer with an award winning herd of  Ayrshire cows....

...this is Sandyford Clover.
Our dad who died suddenly almost a year ago (more about him next week I hope)  and a farmer too, was so proud of him as are we, his six siblings.

Happy feast day Blaise.

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  1. Hi Big Sis

    You will have to forward your web link to Blaise he would love to read your blog. His new email is

    Love middle Sis
    Eliza x