Thursday, 24 June 2010

Another Grand Day Out Cheshire County Show.
The sun was blazing and there was so much to see.
Here is my 9 year old niece who won 1st prize for best young handler of a calf.

I particularly loved all the different breeds of cattle, some are really beautiful. This Hereford bull was huge...

and this shorthorn bull was a lovely dappled colour..

These Dexter cattle have very short legs and resemble dwarves..

My brother won Ayrshire breed champion with Sandyford Clover but I didn't get a pic so read this link if you want to know more

Here's a large billy goat giving us the eye..

and we managed to spot the Queen bee in this brood chamber..

There was a stunning array of vintage vehicles. I loved this ambulance..

complete with leather interior.

Whilst the boys preferred the tractors..

The country crafts were fabulous. This willow basket maker had learned from his dad before him, they weren't on the internet but managed to make a living..

Areas of forest unaccessible to vehicles are still worked by heavy horses. The relationship between this horse and his master were amazing. He was so obedient..

Handicrafts there were aplenty but I didn't take photos. The children didn't want to linger. One stall with lovely pinnies and pegbags was Madame Sew N Sew. Well worth a look. I was spent up by this stage so had to be content with browsing.

It was a great day out and last night when watering my garden I spotted this cheeky little chappie helping himself to my bird feeder...

Forgotten this one when I posted earlier...

Showing cattle (and the partying that goes with it) is pretty exhausting work. I don't know who he is but he was sparked out completely next to his cow!


  1. What a lovely day out. :) xxx

  2. I love those sorts of county shows.
    By the way, the OU course I am doing are Environmental Studies types. Really enjoy them, but its tough sometimes!

  3. Looks a great day out.

    Love the pic of the cowman asleep next to his charge.

  4. Looks like a fab day out, I love these kind of shows. Congratulations to your niece and brother.

  5. Hi Claire, it`s Carole ( from Knit & Natter)
    What a lovely day out you had, I love county shows. We have been to the Great Yorkshire Show in the past many times. I`ve been given a recipe for a german friendship cake and the starter mixture. It should be ready to divide up when we next meet at the knitting group so i`ll bring up some and the recipe, if you like.
    That pic of the sleeping cowman is brill. Oh and well done to your family.
    Love Carole xxxx

  6. Hope the cow didnt roll over!! I love a decent Agricultural show. I used to go to Bakewell show with my grandparents when I was little - always such a great day out. xxx

  7. Hi Claire!! Thanks for popping by! Was going to leave you a comment but did'nt get time as unfortunately I am having to work all weekend. Booooooo!!!!Looking forward to having a good read of your posts and looking forward to following you!! Karenxxxx

  8. so many lovely photos but the one of the chap sleeping by his cow is particularly wonderful...