Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bertha, the Beach and Baby Knitting.

We took an impromptu trip today to Rhosneigr on the Isle of Anglesey. Any excuse to pack up Bertha and the knitting needles!

The new baby knitting is the same pattern as last time but a different baby to be.
Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino is really a bit out of my price range (£4.45 per ball) but gosh is it luxurious. So soft and smooth to knit. It's the tactile equivalent of creamy mashed potato, I could almost eat it.
And the baby is a bit special as it is to be my youngest sisters third child (after two consecutive miscarriages) and my Dad's 20th and most probably last grandchild. (He long ago gave up trying to remember all the birthdays!)
Anyway, she has had the 12 week scan and all is going well and the little critter is due mid December, so I thought this vibrant lime green would be just the splash of colour to get a midwinter baby noticed.

The weather was a bit dull today but it didn't dampen the childrens spirits and they were straight in the water. I had the luxury of reading almost all of the paper on the drive down, and uninterrupted knitting on the way back.

Standing on a patch of just washed pebble free sand in bare feet is akin to walking on velvet.
On the journey there I had read an article in the Times magazine by a columnist who is recovering from a  recent fall from a horse and subsequent paralysis. Her legs are totally useless at the moment and she was describing having just had a return of some sensation in her toes. It is heartbreaking stuff.

So I stood for ages on the shoreline, just moving to a fresh patch of sand after each wave broke, with my eyes closed, and relished the sensation, and thanked God for my two rather large but fully functioning feet.

Today I learned that I should celebrate the ordinary and little things, and give thanks every day. There is always somebody worse off than ourselves.


  1. Aaah that's such a lovely post hunny...especially when I read your dad had had 20 children! (it is early in the morning...and I hadn't woken properly..sorry about it now!!!)
    We spent an afternoon at Wells-next-the-sea yesterday..just beautiful.
    I work with children with severe special needs and I have to say because of my job I look at life just as you described it for that reason...
    Good luck with your knitting...want to see the results hun

    Karen x x x

  2. We had glorious sunshine yesterday but it's threatening rain today. It looks like you had a wonderful day. We took off to the coast on Thursday and had a lovely day too. Congratulations to your sister, I love the colour you have chosen for the knitting.

  3. I love your philosophy on life, to celebrate the ordinary.
    Wow, your dad has 20 granchildren, no wonder he can not remember the birthdays, lol.
    Love the colour of the wool you chose, it is lovely, and I love how you compare using the wool to eating mashed tattie, lol. :) xxx

  4. Your dad should count himself lucky he's not got quite as many birthdays to remember as one of my grandma's;

    9 children / 9 sons/daughter in-law
    26 grandchildren
    11 great-grandchildren
    1 great-great grandchild with another due later in the year!!

    Saturday was the perfect day for the seaside - my feet braved the north sea - v.v.cold!

  5. Congratulations to you Sister. Love the colour of the wool...I can not knit :0( I would love to but it just ends up a mess! We have a baby (grandchild no 6 due in 5 weeks ) So excited :0) My youngest son's second one.

    We had a trip to the beach on Friday your sand looks much nicer than our shingle.

    I admire your philosophy on life when I get up tomorrow I am not going to think about the negative things but appreciate all the good things I have, a wonderful healthy family a beautiful home good friends and an uncomplicated life.

  6. You are so right.

    Though I'm surprised I was able to pay any attention after the 20 grandchildren bit!!

  7. I agree that you should always celebrate the ordinary - never take anything for granted. Just catching up on your posts - You really do look like Ma Larkin - love your pinny. xxxx

  8. Hi! Love the colour of your yarn. As you say iy'll be a lovely bright splash in the winter months. There's nothing like wiggling your toes in the sand, is there? Lots of love, Amanda xxx