Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Making Me Happy This week....

These gorgeous flowers a gift from my lovely littlest sis.

This baby boy is now four! (and still gets in with me at bedtime. I love it, we cuddle, he goes to sleep,I read for half an hour, blissful!)

And finally finished some knitting. This is Billie from Rowan Pipsqueaks. (I have nearly keeled over in shock when I've just seen how much this book is selling for on Amazon!)
It is knitted in a Bergere yarn and I've lost the ball band, it was totally the wrong tension so I knitted it 2 sizes bigger and it's OK, thank God because I am very poor at pulling things back to correct mistakes.
More to the point, he likes it. A big bonus in my book. It's for school and I am very proud to be the only mother with a child sporting a handknitted garment in our playground, even if it did take in excess of a year to complete!

And of course obligatory baking, for a senior citizens tea party at church this time....

40 scones.....

and two cakes with the last of my home made blackberry jam I'm afraid. Will have to make more this year.


  1. Your billie looks great! I knitted one of those, a few years ago, but mine was a striped version. I had to undo and reknit the neck, as it would not go over ds's massive head, but it seems you did not have that problem. It is nice knitting for people who appreciate your work - from the photo it appears your son does too!

  2. How lovely to see a slightly older child in handknitted clothes. Sadly my main knitted clothing provider can't knit anymore else I'm sure she'd still make things for my boys.

    Have run out of blackberry jam here too - it was everyones favourite so went first.

  3. Well done on all the baking and great knitting too! The glitter on the chocolate cake looks amazing. The flowersa re lovely too, I hope you're enjoying a great summer with your little ones!x

  4. Lots of great things that are making you happy this week. I love the flowers, what a kind littlest sis you've got, and that baby boy, how angelic they look when they're sleeping. Well done on the knitting, and your baking looks scrumptious.

  5. They are certainly things to make you happy. :) xxx

  6. I lve your knitting - thank god he does too!! Your baking looks legendary!!

  7. Hi - your cakes look amazing and I love the glittery chocolate cake -
    Love the photo of your son sleeping...I miss having little ones.

    Hope you all have a great weekend - xxx