Monday, 21 June 2010

Summer Solstice

I've been to visit an elderly man who is poorly in Blackburn Royal Hospital this evening. He is one of my patients and I am rather fond of him. He was pleased to see me so it was worth the effort.
As I left the little valley in which we live and breached the summit before descending to Blackburn, the sun was in full glory and I glimpsed the shiny ribbon of sea that is the Fylde coast, some forty plus miles away. It was a wonderful view. And then I saw a tractor and baler in a field of hay at the roadside. The bales were the old fashioned rarely seen these days oblong ones. It made my heart swell as I was transported back to my idyllic childhood. Haymaking was sweaty, hard heavy work and the bales scratched your thighs if you were wearing shorts. But the triumph of sitting atop an ambling gentle rolling trailer full of well stacked bales on the way back to the farmyard was well worth all the effort.

And when I got home we had a bit of fun in the garden....

big sis teaching littlest brother how to do the crab.

This girl is a champion under arm trumper. She has quite a repertoire which always sends her brothers into fits of giggles. Here she is doing it to music!

Today was a good day. High summer happiness and silliness I wish you all.


  1. Happy Summer to you & yours too.

    Oh the arm trumpeting - my boys are great at that!

  2. Lovely blog Claire. You always make me smile.
    It's going to be a fab summer.
    Sue x

  3. Lovely lovely - My favourite "summer" song is " This summer" by Squeeze. I feel that this summer there wont be a cloud in the sky. xxxxx

  4. Hi Claire,
    It`s Carole from Knit & Natter. Your blog is absolutely fantastic, brilliant. I went back about 4 pages, but i`ve got to go and do some housework. But I`ve written down your scones recipe and they are on the radar for this weekend and perhaps that lemon cheesecake mmmmm.Your blog will be my new first blog to check out each day, it`s just brilliant honestly. And there is nothing wrong with your pictures, they are really good. You`ve inspired me to do more baking.
    Love Carole xxxxx

  5. That is don't hear of too many girls being a champ at this..I remember my brother and my son carrying the title, so to speak...good for her...whatever makes her happy...