Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Tonight we enjoyed our first cucumber. It was not too big and a bit spiky but when peeled and sliced it was delish. We each had a piece of a shop bought one followed by a piece of this and God was it good in comparison. I only wish I had a few plants now and not just one.

We also shared a bowl of strawberries, (approx 2 each) Royal Sovereign from DT Browns. They are beautiful, glistening and just the right size. They are sweet with a hint of sharpness. I have never tasted a strawberry like them before.

The peas are coming on too and the french beans scrambling up the poles amongst other things. Growing at home has been much more successful for me than at an allotment. It is easier to keep on top of and whilst I have only a miniscule amount of space in comparison I have far fewer weeds and my plants are much healthier too. I have not been overwhelmed as I often was in the past.

Here is bigger son helping to water the garden well as his little brother.

On a sad note, Reynard has paid us a visit twice in the last week and we have lost four of our hens, Edwina, Bunty, Dorothy and Maud. Maud was my favourite. Nature can be vicious sometimes.

P.S. My nephew (who is wearing the red shorts in my banner above ) has been poorly for several days and finally, after a lot of messing about, had his appendix removed the early hours of this morning. Have a good thought/prayer for him and his mum, my sister, who is expecting and has had several torrid nights with little if any sleep. Plus he has to stay in for several days for IV antibiotics as it was seemingly pretty bad.
Thank you in anticipation.


  1. Hi Claire,
    Great to read your blog, i`ve been waiting for a few days, I know you`re busy. I was so sorry to here about your hens. Hope their home is like Fort Knox now! Lovely photos of your produce. I`m going to sow some carrots in pots this weekend, i grew some last year and they were good.
    Sorry to hear about your nephew, i hope he recovers quickly. I`ll have a good thought for him.
    Hope to see you on tuesday at K&N & i`ll bring the mxiture and recipe for the German friendship cake for you. If you`re not going to be there can you drop me an email.
    Love Carole from Knit & Natter xxxxx

  2. Never had much luck with cucumbers, but my peas beans and courgettes are doing splendidly.
    Sorry to hear about your jens - what bad luck.
    Hope your nephew makes a speedy recovery!

  3. Ahhh hope your nephew is feeling better soon, bless himx And sorry about your hens toox Glad you are enjoying some home grown food, the taste is so different!!

  4. Hi Claire...hope your nephew is on his way to feeling better - You've done so well with your veg. growing - I know what you mean about allotment growing! I love your header photo, it's so full of summer joy...Hope you're having a great weekend, and not working too hard-

  5. Hi Claire ~ Sorry to hear your nephew has been so unwell hope he is on the road to recovery and feeling a bit better.
    Your cucumber looks great and the strawberries look scrumptious. My veg has been a total disaster this year my climbing French beans are only a foot high and ravaged by black fly.
    Sorry to hear of Edwina Bunty, Dorothy and Maud’s demise Bad Fox!
    Love the photos of your son watering perhaps he thought his brother would grow a little quicker if he were watered!!!!

    Hope you have a great week