Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Blog Awards

I have been tagged 3 times in the last few weeks by Maisey's Attic, Jo at The Good Life  
and finally Sue , Lavinder Lady.
I have resisted so far largely because I am aware that some people dislike being tagged and I do not wish to offend anybody. However I have decided, in the spirit of the gesture, to list the 7 items about myself that the awards called for without actually tagging anybody. Hope that's OK.
So here goes.....

No 1: I am the eldest of seven.

No 2: I am the daughter of a dairy farmer who has bred an award winning herd of Ayrshire cows with international acclaim. He started with sixteen cows milked by hand in 1963. This is my brother  (with Sandyford Clover 10)  who has taken over now Dad has retired.

No 3: I was the lead violinist of the junior section of my local youth orchestra aged eight. (You would hardly believe it if you heard me play now.)

No 4: I would love to be able to play the harp.

No 5: My last baby weighed 10lbs 10oz and was born at home. Afterwards, the two midwives, who were both friends, sat on the bed eating bacon butties with me. It was the best experience.

No 6: I am fascinated with hot air balloons and would love to take a journey in one.

No 7: I once won a Radio 1 competition about John Lennon with my brother.

I hope you all found that entertaining!
Thanks to all who tagged me.


  1. Very interesting indeed, I enjoyed learning more about you. :) xxx

  2. Glad you've accepted the award. I enjoyed reading your seven facts, and loved the accompanying photos. The article about your brother is intersting.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Your new photo of the 3 kiddies is gorgeous. Your the eldest of 7? Amazing! And what a beautiful Ayrshire cow. Theres a jersey in the field opposite us at the moment and I've taken about 50 photos of her, so pretty. I don't like the idea of being tagged either! And you're brilliant to deliver your last baby at home! x