Monday, 12 April 2010

A Courting We Will Go

I spotted this pair on the riverbank this weekend, all lovey dovey.

 Where are they in the winter?

I walk down this little road 6 mornings a week delivering newspapers. It gives me some exercise, the views are positively bucolic and I get paid for it too. Am I not a lucky girl?
Off to work now. Happy Monday.


  1. What a beautiful place, and it look so spring like with the daffodils on the bank.

  2. A wonderful place to work, you are lucky indeed. :) xxx

  3. George and Mildred made a lovely couple. Wow what I would give to have your paper round!

  4. Hi hun...just found your lovely blog! Reading your post brought back memories....I loved my paper round! 6.30am is THE best time of the day...even now I love to wake up early before nayone else and go for a wander to watch life outside!
    If you have five mins feel free to pop in...
    Karen x x x

  5. Hello Ma Larkin, just popped over from Jo's blog ... bless those ducks - we have wood pigeons who go-a-courting all day long! I have to say I like the Delicious Miss Dahl too, this week we glimpsed a very chic garden room - heaven!


  6. Looks lovely! - Hope you're having a good holiday - xxx