Monday, 19 April 2010

Knit and Crochet Combo

This is my lovely eldest wearing the first ever proper garment that I knitted as a teenager approx 30 years ago.
It is 100% pure acrylic purchased in Littlewoods.

I can't remember who I actually knitted it for but my Mum did wear it over jeans. She died two years ago and it was still amongst her things. She kept that tatty old sweater all those years I presume because she loved me and on this day 45 years ago I was her firstborn.

And the crochet....

These gorgeous little flowers, looped on a hair grip, which are quick and easy to do are courtesy of the fabulous Lucy over at Attic24. Check her out if you love colour and crochet. Her tutorials are the best I've seen for crochet. I keep urging her to write a book.

Footnote: She came home from school and had had so many comments about the sweater I am compelled to show you the pattern. 

 I think I chose it because the model resembles Nigel Havers who I have always fancied a bit!! 
Who would have thought acrylic would ever be vintage? 


  1. Hi - Happy Birthday!! (I hope I read that correctly) - What a beautiful daughter you have - so lovely that your mum saved this jumper and your daughter looks sooo stylish in it! Hope you had a great day - xxx

  2. Happy belated birthday, hope you had a good day yesterday. How lovely that your mum kept the jumper all those years, and that your daughter is enjoying wearing it now.

  3. Happy belated birthday. :) The jumper you made is so lovely, and very highly fashionable, I absolutely love it, and I think it is great how your mam wore it, and now your daughter is, also, love the hair clips. :) xxxx

  4. There is a couple of awards for you on my blog, I hope you will accept them, but you are under no obligation. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog.

  5. It's a bit late but Happy Birthday!