Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fruit Trees

My fruit tree collection arrived today from DT Browns.
I am hoping to espalier train them on a south facing wall.
I have a buerre hardy pear,


  a plum Lizzie,

and an apple Pinova for which I cannot find an image.
I have just heeled them in for now as I want to put the training wires up on the wall first and I was working this afternoon/evening.

Will I get fruit this year all you experts out there?


  1. Thanks for your lovely comments today - My camera is nothing special
    it's a Canon Ixus 100, but I am having fun editing them on Flickr - it's very easy to use, and you can link it up to your blog - xxx

  2. How exciting. I think it always looks so complicated training fruit trees, but if you've got a south facing wall you've got the ideal growing conditions. Good luck with them, I'll enjoy watching the progress.