Sunday, 25 April 2010

Weekend: Part 2.....

Well it's all been a bit damp here today, very showery. So not much gardening I'm afraid. The plants have stayed in the cobbled together Heath Robinson affair outside my back door that is my porch-come-greenhouse.....

But we did manage to dodge the showers long enough for my girl cub to take part in the St. George's day Parade......

And the band were brill, real rousing-spine-tingling-glad that I'm English-and gladder that I'm Northern kind of music.....

(and just look at the lovely stone buildings on our cobbled high street, such beauty despite the rain!)

Even so, here is a picture of my lovely birthday bouquet earlier this week to cheer you as it has cheered me this week. 

Plus I'm showing off what I think is a bit of an arty farty photo for me!


  1. Wonderful Arty Farty there my Sweet! ;-)

    Rubbish old rain eh? Needed I guess but I wish it would do it at night! The chicks have watched it from under mummy's wing in wonder, they only know glorious sunshine!

    Happy belated Birthday. xxx

  2. Oh what a lovely blog entry, I love a brass band. We go to a summer and Christmas concert each year in our village organised by our local church. It's always a fun evening. And your photo is brilliant, I could almost smell them :) Happy belated birthday. Amanda x

  3. love brass bands, brings back memories of the band competitions I watched when staying with grandparents in Delph, Saddleworth, don't get many of them down in Wiltshire!

  4. It seems like you have had a lovely weekend, despite the rain. :) Thank you for your lovely comment. xxx

  5. Happy belated birthday, your bouquet is lovely. My son went to beavers, cubs, and then scouts but lost interest eventually. My daughter went to rainbows and brownies and is now at guides and loves it. It looks like you have lots of seedlings on the go. I'm getting some of mine hardened off now, ready to be planted out.

  6. Hi - lovely to see the pictures of the brass band. My youngest goes to Boys Brigade and is in the band.

    Your bouquet looks beautiful, I hope you had a lovely birthday.

    Wishing you a good week - xxx