Saturday, 10 April 2010

Delicious, Delectible, Divine Miss Dahl

We don't actually have a TV so watch selected items on the iplayer. (BBC only as we detest adverts.)
My 9 year old and I are in love with Sophie, her cooking and most of all her kitchen!
Apparently, (somebody at work said) this programme has been slated. We think it is brill.
The styling is a bit Nigella copied I think but Sophie is more innocent and very appealing.

This is our version of the nostalgic orange cake for afternoon tea.
We filled it with fresh cream and homemade blackberry jam as we didn't have raspberries to make Sophies jam concoction for the filling. We reserved the buttercream for the top. It is a basic victoria sandwich recipe with come orange zest added. However I usually make 6oz with 3 eggs in 1 tin but this called for 8oz and 4 eggs in 2 tins and it did look rather impressive.

We also made the roasted tomato and thyme soup and it was delish and oh so easy. Even my 16yr old was impressed.

So if you haven't seen this and can access the BBC iplayer on line, we heartily recommend it, even if you only like to drool over the vintage crockery and kitchen utensils. It is so comforting!


  1. I just love Sophies kitchen, it is so gorgeous. The orange cake and tomatoe soup are both things that I really want to make too. Yours looks absoultely scrummylicious! xxxx

  2. wow your cake looks so good - I had forgotten all about Sophies Kitchen, so will go and have a look on iplayer - only discovered I could do this recently!! -

    Have a good weekend - thankyou for your comments - xxx

  3. This cake looks amazing! Yum! I actually thought it looked gorgeous on TV too and wanted to make it but I'm eating waaay too much cake at the moment! I read that the kitchen in the series actually belongs to a photographer thats working on the programme. It really is beautiful though, it's all so well presented. I think shes very likeable and it's great to see a new face doing such a lovely show, I'm getting a bit sick of all the Gordon/Jamie/Hestons!

  4. I haven't seen the programme, but your cake looks scrummy.

  5. Hi Clare your cake looks divine